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The destructive properties of ethylene gas (C2H4, MW 28.05) has presented a problem to industries involved in the handling and storage of cut flowers, plants, fruits, and vegetables. Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring gas which causes fruits and vegetables to ripen and has been long recognized as a significant factor in the storage behaviour of fresh produce and products in the horticultural industry. Presence of ethylene in amounts ranging from a few parts per billion (ppb) to a few parts per million (ppm) can reduce plant vigour, decrease life of various plant parts, and reduce stock quality. Purafil offer a range of "Isolette Sorber Sachets" and "Ethylene Removal Pads" which can be placed in the containers in which produce is shipped and stored or when the produce is displayed. The sachets and pads contain Purafil Chemisorbant Select media which removes ethylene using the process of chemisorption, thereby greatly extending the life and quality of the product.

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